Course Structure and Content

KS3 Years 7 and 8

Pupils in Key Stage 3 follow the PE national curriculum where each lesson covers at least one of the following;

Outwitting opponents

Exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions

Performing at maximum levels

Accurate replication of actions

Exercise safely and effectively

Identifying and solving problems

KS4 Years 9,10 & 11

In KS4 learners have two hours per fortnight of core PE; learners engage with JSLA, First Aid qualifications and exercise and well-bring programmes.


Learners who opt to study GCSE PE have five hours per fortnight where they study:

Paper 1: The human body and movement in physical activity and sport.

Paper 2: Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport

Non-exam assessment: Practical perfromance in physical activity and sport

First Aid Qualification.

We have introduced this to the students because the course will equip students with a valuable life- saving skill. Over 400,000 people learn to save lives doing a number of programmes offered by SJA. Future employers will see this as a valuable skill to have in the workplace. Students will have the opportunity to go on and do further training including :- Events services, community first responders, Ambulance service, volunteering, work place training and teaching in the community  This is a recognised qualification nationally and internationally.

The course will involve a combination of theoretical and practical work.

Students will be require evidence that they have completed all of the areas in the modules and this will be done through home study assignments, short tests, practical scenario sessions, photographs and video’s

First Aid for School Pupils – first aid teaching resources

The First Aid for School Pupils course covers all of the modules available in stages. This allows young people to build on their previous knowledge, for example, over different school years.

This course can be delivered by teachers, higher level teaching assistants and school nurses who have a current first aid qualification. The qualification must cover all of the topics included in this course.

Level 1 modules


Choking (adults)

Choking (child and infant)

Communication and casualty care

Coping in an emergency


Primary survey

Recovery position

Level 2 modules

Bites and stings

Minor bleeding

Bleeding and shock

Burns and scalds

Foreign objects

Low blood sugar


Severe allergic reaction

Level 3 modules

Bone, muscle and joint injuries

Chest pains

Electric shock

First aid kit

Head injuries

Heat exhaustion



Resuscitation (adult)

Resuscitation (child and infant)


Spinal injury

First Aid 1   First Aid 2   First Aid 3

First Aid 4   First Aid 5