Student Leadership Opportunities

  • Head Girl
  • Deputy Head Girls
  • Prefects
  • Form Ambassadors (extended student leadership)
  • Library Assistance
  • Peer mentoring Y11 students
  • High Performance Learning Team
  • Equality and Diversity Team
  • Mental Health and Well Being Team

Quotes from Previous Student Leadership Team

“Great leaders harness personal courage, seize hearts and minds of those around us and empower and encourage the minds of those we are surrounded by to strengthen the capacity to make new leaders. As a student leader I did and still do my best to empower the women around me to be the best versions of themselves in this world we live in” – Sophia Akhtar

“The role of head girl has helped improve my communication skills as I was required to work with a team of deputy head girls and ambassadors to delegate roles for certain duties; through this I was able to build my confidence and step out of my comfort zone by speaking to many individuals within my year group which will continue to benefit me as I will find the task of socialising and public-speaking more natural in the future” – Arshia Iqbal

“Being deputy head girl has meant I have been able to communicate effectively with younger years allowing me to build my confidence and engage with certain individuals. In addition the role has allowed me to be more responsible in being actively involved in student voice as well as giving people the chance to be heard” – Savaira Isaaq

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