Our Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls giving an introduction to the Sixth Form

Senior Student Leadership

Saleha Mushtaq – Deputy Head Girl

“What I like most about our sixth form would be the atmosphere as well as the accommodating environment towards both my emotional and educational needs; catering towards numerous students who have contrasting goals towards one another. Not to mention the outstanding staff and students, who obtain a wonderful and commendable persona which allows you to feel comfortable and understood. To possess such aspects is most definitely applaudable and is what I like most about my sixth form.”

A Level Biology, Chemistry and Sociology

Syeda Samah – Head Girl

A Level Biology, Chemistry and Psychology

Omsharf Mohammed Ali – Deputy Head Girl

The sixth form life at KEVI Handsworth Wood Girls Academy aims to help students fulfil school virtues whilst allowing students to feel valued and validated. One thing I like about the Sixth Form is that a focused learning atmosphere is encouraged (especially in study periods)- this connected environment allows all members to be able to  grow.”

A Level Biology, Chemistry and Sociology

House Captains

Marufa Begum – House Captain

The main things that I enjoy about sixth form life is the many privileges, independency and freedom that I have, such as having a common room space for all the sixth formers where we can socialise with friends and study in, we also have a few kitchen supplies, A TV, our own sixth form printer which students have access to and seminar rooms where I can do silent studying, it makes me feel like an adult, it allows me to handle responsibilities which ties into independency and maturity. During my free periods I can choose what I want to study and work on and where I want to study, I can study outside on a nice day or work in the seminar rooms during the terms that I have exams. I have control and freedom over my career path; therefore, I don’t feel restricted.“

BTEC Health and Social Care

Madiha Rahman – House Captain

A Level Biology, Chemistry and Maths


Sana Rehman – Prefect

“I want to be the students voice and help make the sixth form a better and more fun learning environment.”

BTEC Business Studies with A Level Law and Sociology

Ima Khan – Prefect

“Sixth Form so far has been an incredible journey, I am so grateful to have had this experience. My favourite thing about sixth form is the support and empathy I get from my teachers, I feel like my educational needs are being met and they give me just the help I need to be successful. One thing I love about life at sixth form is the diversity, with both students and teachers from a variety of backgrounds, united by both our differences and similarities alike. When it is time for me to leave, I will leave sixth form with hope and certainty. Hope, that teachers will continue to love, teach and care for students for generations to come and certainty, that whoever leaves will leave with knowledge and shall be among those that change the world.”

A Level English Literature, Media Studies & Psychology 

Myra Sidiqa – Prefect

“One thing I like about this sixth form is the community, as there is a very friendly atmosphere. The students and teachers are all open and easy to talk to, and support is always available.”

A Level English Literature, Law and Psychology

Hamida Tahsin – Prefect

“In this sixth form I feel like there are many facilities and the teachers are very supportive, giving us feedback on our work and extra support such as interventions. They encourage us to be independent and the environment in the sixth form block is very friendly. Our free study periods are very convenient as it allows me to catch up on work or simply revise.”

A Level Biology, Chemistry and Sociology

Sophie Akhtar – Prefect

“I appreciate how the sixth form team are approachable and are always checking in with us, they help us with any issues we have and are constantly willing to go the extra mile to help us! This, alongside my peers has made life at sixth form feel warm, motivating and a place where I am content with my studies.”

A Level Art, English Literature and Sociology 

Aleeshba Parveen – Prefect

“I like the support I receive from the staff. The staff always give me feedback on my work and set me targets on things that they feel I should improve on . I get to study further into the subjects I am the most passionate about. This sixth form has allowed me to be more independent which has given me more responsibility for my learning in my study time and has taught me to work well both individually and in a team.”

BTEC Health and Social Care with A Level Sociology 

Additional Student Leadership Responsibilities

  • Form Ambassadors (extended student leadership)
  • Library Assistance
  • Peer mentoring Y11 students
  • High Performance Learning Team
  • Equality and Diversity Team
  • Mental Health and Well Being Team
  • Ecology and Sustainability Team
  • Digital Communication Team
  • Social Ambassadors

Quotes from Previous Student Leadership Team

“Great leaders harness personal courage, seize hearts and minds of those around us and empower and encourage the minds of those we are surrounded by to strengthen the capacity to make new leaders. As a student leader I did and still do my best to empower the women around me to be the best versions of themselves in this world we live in” – Sophia Akhtar

“The role of head girl has helped improve my communication skills as I was required to work with a team of deputy head girls and ambassadors to delegate roles for certain duties; through this I was able to build my confidence and step out of my comfort zone by speaking to many individuals within my year group which will continue to benefit me as I will find the task of socialising and public-speaking more natural in the future” – Arshia Iqbal

“Being deputy head girl has meant I have been able to communicate effectively with younger years allowing me to build my confidence and engage with certain individuals. In addition the role has allowed me to be more responsible in being actively involved in student voice as well as giving people the chance to be heard” – Savaira Isaaq

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