Hello students and welcome to KEVI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy.

KS2 – KS3 (Year 6 to Year 7) Transition, means that you will be leaving your primary school, friends and teachers and will begin a new chapter of your educational journey.

This can be a very exciting time, but for some students, this can be a challenging experience.

At this stage, you will have many questions that you would like to discuss and may even have some concerns.

We have created this webpage, to host key information and resources that will support you as we lead up to our Induction events in July, during the summer holiday and thereafter, when you join us here at the Academy.

As this page is currently being updated, we encourage you to visit as often as possible, so that you are aware of the information that has been provided for you.

We hope that you will find the information useful and look forward to meeting you all very soon.

Take care

Miss Robin

Head of Key Stage 3

Student Pre – Induction Day Questionnaire

Hello students and welcome to KEVI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy.

Your Head of Year or one of our Pastoral Team, will be visiting you at your Primary School after half term.

This will be a fantastic opportunity, for you to meet us and for you to asks as many questions as you like, about starting here at the Academy in September.

We would also like you to complete a short questionnaire, so that we can explore your thoughts and feelings about starting secondary school.

You may have received a link before you were visited at your Primary school, but if you have not completed the questionnaire as of yet, we have provided a link as below, so that you can access the Google Form.

Student Pre- Induction Day Questionnaire


Thank you for completing the questionnaire and we look forward to meeting you after half term.

Preparing for Secondary School

To help you prepare for Secondary School, we have put together some useful information that will provide you with ideas of what you can do to support your planning.

Feelings about Starting Secondary School

There will be mixed feelings about starting Secondary School. This clip presents the perspective of one student on her feelings, concerns and how she prepared herself:

10 Tips for Starting Secondary School

You may have seen many tips or have been given some advice, to inform you of what you can do to prepare for starting Secondary School. Have a look at the tips provided, to see whether you have considered all of these also. How many of these will you use?

Young Minds – Find Your Feet – Transitioning to Secondary School

Explore this clip to find out how some students felt when they were starting Secondary School. Do you have the same questions?

My New Secondary School

Here is a little research task for you!!

When you attend in July, complete the locations to identify where each area is and see if you can locate all of these independently. Once you have completed this, you will be able hand these into your Form Tutor. Good Luck!!

My Goals for Starting Secondary School

Have you thought about setting yourself goals for September? Have a look at some of the ideas presented, to see what goals you may wish to choose as begin your new journey in Year 7.


When you join us here at the Academy, you will be provided with one of our newly designed rucksacks, along with a pencil case and stationery set. This resource presents some of the items that you will need, you may wish to include more than this, so that you are fully equipped and ready to engage in a range of learning tasks.

Starting Clubs at Secondary School

There will be many enrichment clubs that you will be able to join at the Academy. This is a great way for you to develop new skills or even your current skills and also meet new friends and teachers.

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