The Academy Day

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and FridayWednesday
08:40 – 09:00Registration/ AssemblyRegistration/ Assembly
09:00 – 09:50Lesson 1Lesson 1
09:50 – 10:40Lesson 2Lesson 2
10:40 – 11:00BreakBreak
11:00 – 11:50Lesson 3Lesson 3
11:50 – 12:40Lesson 4Lesson 4
12:40 – 13:25LunchLunch
13:25 – 14:15Lesson 5 / RegistrationLesson 5 / Registration
14:15 – 15:05Lesson 6Students finish at 14:15.
This table outlines the timings of the day from September 2020.


We have a new uniform and all students in 8-11 are encouraged to wear it, however, can continue to wear their current uniform with the addition of a white revere blouse which is compulsory for all.

All Students must wear the following:

  • Academy blazer
  • Long tailored trousers – no jeans, tight-fitting trousers or leggings
  • Black pleated skirt which must be knee length.
  • Longer black skirts (to the ankles) are allowed for all.
  • Socks/tights – Black socks, ankle or knee length, or black tights. One or other must always be worn. Trainer socks are not permitted.
  • Open white revere blouse is compulsory for all.
  • A ‘V’ neck grey Academy jumper with Academy Logo and red stripe around neck and cuffs (optional).
  • Plain black headscarf (optional). The headscarf must not have any adornments or fringes – only one must be worn.
  • Students are allowed to wear a dark outdoor coat in addition to the above – not denim, leather or cord. Denim wear, sportswear, hoodies, baseball caps are not allowed.
This is the uniform that all students in Year 7 are expected to wear. Years 8 to 11 girls may wear the black blazer and jumper until the new one is purchased.


Hair should be natural in colour. Students are free to braid or plait their hair and wear coloured accessories if they wish to and feel it represents their cultural or ethnic heritage.

Nails, Make Up

Nails should look natural. False nails are not allowed. Coloured nail polish is not allowed. Make-up if worn should be natural to the individual’s skin tone and must be discreet. Fake eyelashes are not allowed.


Students are not allowed to wear any jewellery to school other than one small stud earring in each ear and a nose stud. Each stud should measure no more than 0.5 cm and be of either plain gold or silver colour. Students are allowed to wear nose studs however nose rings are not allowed.


Shoes must be black and made from leather or imitation leather and they must have no heel. Laces should be black. Trainers and canvas shoes are not acceptable.
(Boots only allowed during inclement weather, standard school shoes to be worn all year round)

It is important that girls wear sensible, smart footwear to school that is comfortable and robust.

PE Kit

All girls in years 7 to 11 are expected to wear the correct PE kit.

Our uniform and PE kit is available from Gogna’s Schoolwear, 67/69 Rookery Road, Handsworth, B21 9QU. You can also place an order online by visiting

School Equipment

All students must bring the above equipment to school everyday.

The following items are not allowed in school at all:

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