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At KEVI HWGA, every student becomes a proud member of a house group, fostering a sense of pride and belonging in the academy. Our house system is designed to instil team spirit through a diverse array of competitions held each half term.

These competitions serve as a platform for students to actively engage, showcase their talents and contribute to a thriving communal atmosphere. Embracing the spirit of healthy competition, students not only complete but also inspire others to participate, creating an environment of encouragement and support during these exciting half- termly events.

At KEVI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals. The House System plays a pivotal role in providing students with opportunities to learn, develop, and master an array of skills that extend beyond the classroom. These experiences contribute to the formation of lifelong interests, the building of positive relationships, and the cultivation of qualities such as confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.

Under the careful guidance of our Director of Character and Personal Development, along with the dedicated House Co-Ordinator, each house group is led by an enthusiastic House Captain. These appointed leaders serve as catalysts for engagement, promoting and encouraging participation across all year groups. Furthermore, House Captains take charge of planning and leading their own unique house competitions on a termly basis, ensuring a dynamic and student-driven experience.

At KEVI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy, our House System is not just a structure; it is a dynamic force that empowers students to discover their voice, showcase their talents, and forge lasting connections. Join us in celebrating the spirit of unity, achievement, and personal growth as we embrace the boundless possibilities within our vibrant house community.

The House Groups – KS3 and KS4

Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 have six houses in each year group. These houses have been named after inspirational female role models in sport.  

The House Groups – KS5

The Sixth Form students have four house groups. These houses have been named after inspirational women within history.

House Rewards

Students who demonstrate commitment to their house by participating in house events receives house points on Arbor, as well as participation points.  Students who show regular commitment will be able to progress to achieve their Half and Full colour Awards.    Additional house points are awarded for 1st to  6th place entries, with the student receiving a prize if they come 1st in a competition. All of the house points are added together at the end of the academic year and the house with the highest number of points will win overall. This house group is congratulated with the House Trophy.

1st place = 60 points

2nd place = 50 points

3rd place = 40 points

4th place = 30 points

5th place = 20 points

6th place = 10 points

The House Competition Schedule

Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Autumn 1
World rose day
European Languages Quiz.  KS3 & 4
MFL QR code KS3 only
Teacher poetry day
House Football KS3 & 4
World animal day
International Day of Music

Autumn 2
BHM letter
BHM quiz
BHM afro hair
#muslim stories
NHM photography
anti bullying dove poster
Bearpee challenge
Diwali Poster
Bauble decoration
Vegan Day

Spring 1
NHS Job advert
Y8 Football
Y7 Benchball
Y9/10/11 Football
Penguin quiz

Spring 2
House Dodgeball Competition
The Big February Quiz
Rate my bake
Design a model Stadium
Design a book cover Competition
The Masked Reader Competition
Song Writer Superstar
Manga and Graphic Novel Drawing Competition

Summer 1
House Rounders
Maths Puzzle.
The Summer Extravaganza Quiz.
House Music competition
Coding Competition.
STEM Competition – Building bridges.
Young Writers

Summer 2
Sports Day
Maths Challenge/Countdown
Debating Competition
Chess Competition.
House Photography

There is still more to be confirmed in the summer term!

House Competition Entries

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