KEVI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy House System is an integral part of Academy life where students develop a sense of pride and belonging through having access to a wide range of healthy competitions each half term. 

Every student is assigned to a house group when they join the Academy and are encouraged to show team spirit through participating in house competitions, encouraging others to become involved and supporting one another in these half-termly events.  

The House System provides pupils with the opportunity to learn, develop and master a range of skills that will help to create lifelong interests, whilst building positive relationships, confidence, self-esteem and resilience.  We encourage all students at King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy participate in as many house competitions as possible to help develop these important character skills.

The House System is overseen by the Director of Character and Personal Development, and the House Co-Ordinator.  Each house group has a dedicated House Captain who promotes and encourages engagement in house competitions across all year groups.  House Captains will plan and lead their own house competitions termly.

The House Groups – KS3 & 4

Key Stage 3 & 4 have six houses in each year group.   These houses have been named after inspirational female role models in sport.  

Name: Jessica Ennis- Hill

D.O.B:  28th January 1986

Sport:  Athletics

Discipline:  Multi-Event Disciplines & Sprint

Name: Isa Guha

D.O.B:  21st May 1985

Sport:  Cricket

Discipline:  Fast-medium Spin Bowler

Name: Dame Kelly Holmes

D.O.B:  19th April 1970

Sport:  Athlete

Discipline:  Middle distance: 800m & 1500m

Name: Ellen MacArthur

D.O.B:  8th July 1776

Sport:  Yachtswoman

Discipline:  Solo Navigation

Name: Victoria Pendleton

D.O.B:  24th September 1980

Sport:  Cyclist

Discipline:  Keirin, Sprint & Team sprint

Name: Ellie Simmonds

D.O.B:  11th November 1994

Sport:  Paralympic Swimming Discipline:  S6 Events

The House Groups – KS5

The Sixth Form Students have four house groups.  These houses have been named after inspirational women within history.

Name: Joan of Arc

D.O.B: 6th January 1442

Known for: Being a Saint of France and for her bravery.

Name: Kiran Bedi

D.O.B: 9th June 1945

Known for: Being the first woman to join the officer ranks in the Indian police force.

Name: Rosa Parks

D.O.B: 4th February 1913

Known for: Being the first lady of civil rights.  

Name: Mother Teresa

D.O.B: 26th August 1910

Known for: Being one of the 20th century’s greatest humanitarians.

House Captains at HWGA

Ennis – Zaynab Yahia 11E

Guha – Ayra Enver Hoxsha 10G

Holmes – Salome Erikowa 11H

MacArthur – Nazia Akhtar 11M

Pendleton – Marufa Begum 13P

Simmonds – Laiba Zaheer 10S

Parks & Arc – Marufa Begum

Bedi & Teresa – Mediha Rahman

House Rewards

Students who demonstrate commitment to their house by participating in house events receive house points on Arbor.  Students who show regular commitment will be able to progress to achieve their Half and Full colour Awards. Additional house points are awarded for 1st to  6th place entries, with the student receiving a prize if they come 1st in a competition:

1st place = 60 points

2nd place = 50 points

3rd place = 40 points

4th place = 30 points

5th place = 20 points

6th place = 10 points

All of the house points are added together at the end of the academic year and the house with the highest number of points will win over all .  This house group is congratulated with the House Trophy.

The House Competition Schedule

Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Autumn 1
House Art Wildlife Competition

House Football Competition

Textiles Competition

Creative Writing Competition

European Day of Languages Quiz

Black History Month Quiz    

Autumn 2
Christmas Card Competition

House Benchball Competition

Christmas Poetry

House Photography

Christmas Maths Challenge

House STEM Competition

STEM Logo Competition

Christmas Quiz  
Spring 1
House badminton

Design Technology – model making (stadium design)

Poetry Slam

Art Landscape Competition

Maths Puzzle

General knowledge quiz
Spring 2
House Dodgeball Competition

The Big February Quiz

Rate my bake

Design a model Stadium

Design a book cover Competition

The Maksed Reader Competition


Song Writer

Manga and Graphic Novel Drawing Competition
Summer 1
House Rounders

Maths Puzzle

The Summer Extravaganza Quiz

House Music competition

Coding Competition

STEM Competition – Building bridges

Young Writers

Summer 2
Sports Day

Maths Challenge/Countdown

Debating Competition

Chess Competition

House Photography



There is still more to be confirmed in the summer term!  

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