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Parenting in the digital age:

Parenting in the age of smartphones, tablets and games consoles poses a whole range of unique challenges, challenges that our parents didn’t even have to consider. Some of the things that you need to be aware of are:

  • Screen Time Management:
    • The constant flow of information, entertainment, and interaction through portable screens can be addictive.
    • Limiting screen time is challenging but crucial to avoid negative outcomes like obesity and poor sleep.
  • Monitoring Online Activity:
    • Understand what your child does online.
    • Monitor for cyberbullying, inappropriate content, predators, scams, and fake news.
  • Creating Balance:
    • Digital entertainment can overshadow offline activities.
    • Encourage face-to-face social interactions and physical play.
  • Stay Informed:
    • Technology evolves rapidly.
    • Keep up with trends and apps your child encounters online.
  • Lead by Example:
    • Model behaviour you want your child to adopt.
    • Set appropriate boundaries for your own technology use.

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Terms every parent should know

  • Deepfakes:
    • A deepfake is an altered image, video, or audio recording that convincingly misrepresents someone as saying or doing something they didn’t actually do.
    • Created using deep learning algorithms, deepfakes can seamlessly replace a person in original content with another, often a public figure.
    • While they can be entertaining, deepfakes raise concerns about misinformation, privacy, and potential misuse.
  • Cancel Culture:
    • Cancel culture involves mass withdrawal of support from public figures who have engaged in socially unacceptable behaviour.
    • It happens on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, where individuals are publicly rejected or boycotted due to their actions or views.
    • Opinions on cancel culture vary; some see it as necessary, while others find it problematic.
  • Misinformation:
    • Misinformation refers to incorrect or misleading information.
    • Unlike disinformation, which is intentionally deceptive, misinformation includes falsehoods, selective truths, and half-truths.
    • Technology and social media play a role in spreading misinformation.

Stay informed and critically evaluate information in today’s digital landscape! 🌐🔍

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