What should you know about these popular games?

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Super Smash Bro’s

An incredibly addictive beat-em up, this cross over fighting game pulls in characters from the Nintendo universe in an arena match for you and your friends or family members.

PEGI Rating – E for Everyone.

This game allows multiplay online.

This game doesn’t have any in game purchases.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

An open world fantasy game, the player has full control over their avatar allowing them to express themselves. The player can also determine how they will be interacting with non-player characters (npc’s), choosing nobility, apathy or malice.

Some of the mission in the game will include visceral violence, blood letting, removal of limbs and heads, together with the associated screams of pain and distress, against both human characters and monsters.

The game doesn’t include sex or nudity, but does include language which is quite descriptive within both the text and dialogue of the game. The game also depicts alcohol and intoxication.

PEGI Rating – 18 (aged 18 and higher)

This game allows multiplay online.

This game has in game purchases to modify the game play.

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