Your child’s device will come with a range of pre-installed school approved applications for them to use during their school day and with their homework. This section will run through them, how they are used and how you can support your child in using their device.

Microsoft Office

Each student is given access to the full Microsoft Education 365 package.

This includes:

  • Word – to view, create and edit word documents,
  • Excel – to view, create and edit spreadsheets,
  • PowerPoint – to view, create and edit presentations,
  • OneNote – an online notebook,
  • OneDrive – the cloud drive to store all of your school documents,
  • Outlook – to send and receive emails,
  • Teams – the hub for the school, containing groups, classrooms, calendars and more.

Homework Apps

We have a range of applications that our students will be introduced to in school, these applications will be used to set both classwork and homework.

These apps include:

  • Seneca Learning – a homework and revision platform.
  • Kerboodle – a multi subject application containing a wide range of course books, podcasts, assessments, and more.
  • Sparx maths – a platform that creates tailored homework for your child.
  • Showbie – a platform used to deliver assignments to your child allowing them to complete their work and submit it directly to their teacher.
  • Educake – an online assessment and revision platform
  • Bedrock Learning – a digital literacy tool to improve your child’s vocabulary, reading comprehension and communication skills.

When your child is set homework on any of our platforms or applications they will be enrolled and given their log in details in the classroom. They are also shown how to use the application before they are expected to use it at home.

Extended Learning Apps

We provide a wide range of applications and platforms to support your child in extending their classroom learning, as well as the list above (most of which encourage individual learning, allowing students to read a variety of topics, listen to podcasts and more).

These include:

  • Minecraft Education – allowing your child to create a world and explore coding options within the microsoft code environment.
  • Swift Playgrounds – an Apple coding environment, teaching your child to code using short games.
  • Garage Band – an Apple application allowing your child to create music, podcasts and other recordings.
  • Canva – a graphic design platform.
  • Duolingo – bite-sized lessons and games to help your child learn a new language.
  • BBC Bitesize – a free online study support resource for students aged 3 – 16+
  • School e-book and audiobook library – letting your child lend any e-book or audiobook from the wide collection available.
  • Exam Language – an app built to help your child to understand and respond to the language used in exam questions.

The school controls the apps, platforms and websites that can be accessed by the students. We monitor the students online activities at all times and any safeguarding concerns are raised with the appropriate groups immediately.

  • You can not add an app to your child’s device.
  • Your child’s device is theirs to use for school work and extended learning only.

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