Our Aim is simple; that every student is able to leave Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy having realised their full potential, having ‘Aspired for Excellence’.

Driven by our ethos and values, our curriculum enables students to study the subjects important to them, develop the skills they will need to shape them as citizens ready for a prosperous future in modern Britain or globally.

We have very high expectations for every student, with challenging, aspirational and shared potentials. Students at Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy are supported academically and emotionally developing skills, attitudes and abilities which will enable them to achieve their life goals.

Within the curriculum, we at every point encourage learners to help shape their own learning. Our curriculum is designed so that each student has access to a curriculum which will enable them to make the most possible progress; guiding choices, while offering a broad and balanced curriculum. 

High quality teaching enables students to enjoy their learning and ensure they are well prepared for future success in all aspects of their life. The aims of our curriculum are to develop in all students:

  • A sense of enquiry, the ability to question, solve problems and argue rationally;
  • a willingness to apply themselves and an aptitude for learning;
  • knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment in a changing world;
  • literacy, numeracy and competence in the use of information technology;
  • to develop their creative, critical awareness, empathy and sensitivity;
  • a recognition of their own and others’ achievement, in school and beyond;
  • self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence;
  • the skills of working as an individual and as a member of a group or team;
  • appropriate moral and spiritual values and tolerance of others;
  • to value each individual in an atmosphere of mutual respect. 

The attached Curriculum Policy for September 2018 advises on all course provision and details our key priorities