Our core principle is to provide a curriculum which is relevant to our learners but also challenges them to examine their own understanding of life.  Our GCSE results are above the national average and all students make good or excellent progress.  All the students who completed A level last year passed and were able to obtain university places.

RESPECT agenda:

We endeavour to develop in learners a respect for:

ALL RELIGIONS even those that seem very different from their own

THEMSELVES and a growing sense of the values that are important to them

FOR OTHERS learning to live at peace with all

FOR THEIR TALENTS which they have and need to build on

SOCIETY and the contribution they can make to it

THE CREATED WORLD which we have a duty to care for so it can provide for future generations


Miss Sohota – Head of Religious Studies
Mrs Rajput – Teacher of Religious Studies
Miss Richardson – Teacher of Religious Studies

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