Curriculum Vision

Studying Psychology requires looking beyond common sense and personal opinions for explanations on human and animal behaviour, we look at evidence. Such as empirical evidence, which does not come from personal or subjective opinion, but from research studies, based on scientific procedures and findings, which other psychologists may read, criticize and then try to replicate. The evidence from these studies are then used to evaluation our theories, to change and develop them, thereby getting as close to the truth about behaviour as we scientifically can. The goals of studying psychology are to describe, explain, predict and ultimately seek positive change in human behaviour.

We use the AQA 8182 specification at GCSE and the AQA 7181,7182 specification for A level.


At KEVIHWGA Psychology is studied at both GCSE and A’ level, both courses are two year in length and we use the AQA A exam board specification for both.

Key Stage 5

At A’ Level students will study Social Influence, Memory, Attachment, Psychopathology, Approaches and Research methods in Year 1, then continue in Year 2 to study Biopsychology, Issues and Debates, Relationships, Stress and Forensic Psychology.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE students will study Memory, Perception, Development and Research Methods in Year 1 and Social Influence, Language, Thought and Communication, Brain and Neuropsychology and Psychological problems in Year 2.

 There are two written papers sat at the end of the GCSE course in Y11 and three written papers sat at the end of Y13 for the A’ level course, we do not do the AS level at A’ Level and there is no coursework.

Student Requirements

 Students will be required to describe, analyse, evaluate and apply their knowledge at both GCSE level and A’ level, focusing in particular on Validity, Research Methods, Ethics and Statistical analysis.

A good standard of ability in English and Mathematics is a requirement for the courses and a keen interest in reading and active research are key to success in this subject.

There are topic links between the GCSE and A’ level, which will make the transition from GCSE to A’ Level smoother, although it is not a requirement for students to have studied Psychology at GCSE level prior to the A’ Level.

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