Curriculum Vision

We aim to provide a high-quality music education that allows all students to appreciate the important role music plays in the curriculum.

We cover a range of areas in key stage 3 including:

  • Rhythm & Percussion Instruments
  • Melody & Piano Skills
  • Harmony & Guitar Skills
  • Music Technology & using Garageband
  • Instruments in an Orchestra
  • African Drumming
  • Indian Classical Music
  • Reggae Music
  • Blues Music
  • Bollywood Music
  • Film Music
  • Dance Music & Remixes
  • Cover Versions

We have lots of extra-curricular clubs that you can join including our Choir & Guitar Club. We also have lots of different bands that rehearse in our practice rooms.

We offer a range of instrumental lessons taught by specialist teachers in Brass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard Vocals and Woodwind.  

We also offer opportunities to perform with our talent show, music & dance concert and our end of year school production.  


Key Stage 3

Pupils will study a range of topics in key stage 3 from the building blocks of music to looking at music from around the world. They will have the opportunity to play a range of instruments including keyboards, guitar and percussion instruments. They will also be able to use the music software Garageband on our Macbooks. 

Year 7:  The scheme includes an Introduction to the Elements of Music, Rhythm, Chords, Melody, Structure and Songwriting.

Year 8: The scheme includes African Music, Indian Classical Music, Bollywood, Blues, Reggae and Pop Music. 

Year 9: This scheme includes Theme & Variation, Film Music, Cover Versions, Original Songwriting, Performance Skills and Sound Recording. 

Key Stage 4

In key stage 4, pupils will take BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Music. It is a two year course. Students will take four units:

The Music Industry – pupils will learn about jobs within the music industry.  This is assessed through a one hour examination.

Managing a Music Product – pupils will have to put on a concert.

Introducing Music Composition – pupils will compose music for adverts.

Introducing Music Performance – Pupils will work on improving their instrumental skills and perform two audition pieces.

Sixth Form Application

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