Aims of the Department

The overriding aim of the English curriculum is to foster a love of language and literature and to develop students’ creativity.

Our more specific aims are:

To empower learners, awaken their interests and instil in them a love of reading.

To develop literacy skills and encourage pupils to use them across the curriculum.

To develop the ability of all pupils to communicate effectively in writing and orally, in a wide range of contexts and situations.

 To enable students to use accurate Standard English with confidence and fluency.

To develop an interest in the richness of the English language in its various forms (including dialect and accent) and its historical development.


Mrs K Beasley BAHead of English Faculty
Mrs A Sharma BAAssistant Head of English i/c KS5
Mrs H Cudd BALead Practitioner in English
Miss A Sufi BALead Practitioner in English
Miss M Nessa BATeacher of English
Mrs B Flora BATeacher of English
Miss S Akhtar BATeacher of English (maternity cover)
Mrs G Denley BATeacher of English
Miss M Robin BATeacher of English & Humanities & Head of KS3
Mrs A Galan BAAssociate Headteacher & Teacher of A Level Media Studies
S AminTeacher of English and Drama

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