The aims and objectives of the design and technology department relate directly to those of the Academy. Creativity, flair, and innovation are encouraged from year 7 through to the sixth form.

We see Creative Design as an area of practical and creative activity that aims to prepare young people for life in a changing technological society. We feel that the modern approach to teaching these subjects should emphasize on core life skills during key stage three and building on those with more industry specific skills at GCSE and above. We aim and endeavour to excite and challenge pupils at HWGA as a result, both in lessons and extra-curricular time.


There are three members of staff who deliver all the discrete subject areas: Food and Nutrition, Product Design, and Textiles.

Mrs D James-Powell – Head of Design and Technology – Teacher of Food and Nutrition

Ms S Sultan –  Teacher of Technology

Mr P Skibinski – Teacher of Textiles & Art

We also have an exceptionally qualified, supportive and highly motivated technician – Miss E Morris

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