The Learning Resource Centre is the academy’s library and is central to student’s learning as it enriches their knowledge on a vast range of subjects.  The library provides materials that promote the love of reading and support the curriculum of the academy.

As well as having an excellent supply of books suitable for all students and staff, it also has iPads and laptops that students are able to access to support their studies. Students utilise library resources to complete assignments and homework, explore ideas, and to select from a wide variety of recreational reading on many topics. We have invested in many books catering for reluctant readers, gifted and able readers, and readers with specific educational needs.

The library is kept up-to-date with the latest fiction and non-fiction books. . We pride ourselves on providing innovative and engaging texts so that even the most reluctant reader can find pleasure in learning. We have comics, graphic novels and magazines so everybody at HWGA can find a book suitable for them.  We also have some literacy games such as Scrabble and Bananagrams that students can play during break times.

The library has 2 floors.  Upstairs is often used by 6th form students for silent study, whilst on the ground floor is the main book shelving area and where the classes take place.   All students can use it during their break and lunch times as well as before and after school.

The Learning Resource Centre also offers volunteer opportunities for students.  Becoming a student librarian gives them a chance to learn the ins and outs of being a librarian.  They learn new valuable life skills such as respecting books, helping others, book care, alphabetising, organisation and how to keep the library tidy.  Student librarian recruitment is done at various times throughout the academy year and all students have an opportunity to apply for a position.

Accelerated Reader

We also run the Accelerated Reader programme which greatly improves students’ reading abilities and literacy skills.  Each student in years 7, 8 and 9 have a weekly ‘AR’ lesson in the library, this is where reading and quizzing of the books take place.  Students are also encouraged to do this during their free time to further increase their progress.  


We also have an online library system which everyone can access while they are in school.  It gives access for students to write book reviews, reserve books, see what is in the library, watch author videos, see new titles etc.

You can browse the books available at the Learning Resource Centre by clicking HERE

You can follow the Learning Resource Centre on our Twitter account @HWGA_Library 

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