A great introduction to the course, easy to read, if not a little slow at the start. I recommend starting the book, by first reading the chapter on China.  

A hugely popular book, which has recently been turned into a film. Investigates the “hidden reasons,” behind rational choice.   

The sequel to Freakonomics  

Very easy to access, another good all-round introduction to the course, written by one of the UK’s leading financial journalists.  

Explains the reasons behind the global financial crash.   

Easy to read, lots of short examples, centred around the theme of incentives.   

How money and economics have shaped world history, recommended for students who also study A Level History.  

Outlines the ideas of influential economists, many of whom will be studied over the next two years. Perhaps a little difficult to access.    

  • The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier 

Looks at the barriers to development faced by the world’s poorest countries.   

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