Please note the following updates that have gone out to all families this week:

Tuesday, 18th May 2021

Dear Families

It is important for us to make you aware that a small number of students participated in an unplanned and unauthorised protest this afternoon in the academy.  Whilst we are fully supportive of individuals’ right to protest in the right manner, this incident however was not acceptable.  The key individuals involved will be dealt with by the Senior Leadership Team tomorrow and Mr Riaz will be delivering assemblies to each year group.  It is important that young people know how to make their voices heard in a non-disruptive manner.

In addition, we need to make you aware that a number of students have filmed the events from today.  We would like to request that if your daughter is in possession of any such images/footage, it is deleted immediately.  Anyone who shares images/videos that bring the academy to disrepute will be dealt with accordingly.  Under GDPR regulations it is not acceptable for people to take images or videos of anyone without their permission and they can be held liable if they post those images/videos on social media or other platforms.  This will be investigated further tomorrow and relevant consequences will be actioned for those involved.

We anticipate that we can count on your full support to help your daughters understand the importance of making their voices heard in the right way. 

Thank you.

Kind regards Sent on behalf of Mr Riaz, Head Teacher

Wednesday, 19th May 2021

Dear Families

I would like to offer you an update following the unauthorised protest by a small number of students yesterday. 

We have taken swift action against a small number of students who crossed the line of acceptable behaviour towards the end of the protest. 

I have spoken in person to all year groups about the following: 

  1. A reminder of their right protest, but with permission and in a calm and respectful manner. 
  2. How students can show solidarity towards causes they believe in through fundraising. 
  3. The need to ask permission before posters are placed in school to ensure they are appropriate. 
  4. Asking for explicit permission before any future protests are authorised.
  5. Finally, to always treat their teachers with the utmost respect. 

I am sure you will support us on these points with your daughters. 

I am pleased to inform you that today has been entirely calm and purposeful. 

Kind regards  Mr Riaz, Head Teacher 



Following guidelines from Birmingham Council we are encouraging students to once again wear face coverings/masks due to the rise in…