We are all members of the KING EDWARD VI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy and we believe that “Everyone should act with courtesy and consideration to others at all times.”

In order to achieve this: we have the following RESPONSIBILITIES

BEING RESPECTFUL means:  • Valuing one another equally • Treating one another as you would want to be treated • Looking after property and the school environment • Listening and valuing other people’s ideas, feelings and beliefs • Being fair

BEING SUPPORTIVE means:  • Helping people • Ensuring people can retain their dignity

SHARING means:  • Ensuring that people are included and feel comfortable • Listening, exchanging and understanding people’s feelings, ideas and beliefs

BEING WELCOMING means: • Ensuring there is a place for everyone • Taking care of people especially when they are in need or when they are new

These Responsibilities will support the following RIGHTS


• Everyone should be treated equally • Everyone should be able to say what they feel, to express their ideas and opinions and be listened to


• Everyone has a right to feel safe and that they are not going to be hurt in any way

This means we have a responsibility not to bully other people.  We should try to resolve arguments or disagreements and seek help when we can’t do this by ourselves.  We should never put people down but have a responsibility to see that everyone retains their dignity at all times.  We also have a responsibility to report instances of bullying or to speak up if we feel that someone has been treated wrongly.