Numeracy across the curriculum

From telling the time to reading election results online, there is a significant need for working with numbers, measures and diagrams in day-to-day tasks. It is vital therefore that all pupils are confident in their own numerate abilities. By possessing the appropriate skills, young people avoid hindering their ability to complete routine tasks and achieve further academic success. Developing numeracy aids pupil progress in mathematics. Any improvement in mathematical and analytical abilities can have direct benefits for the pupils when studying other subjects.

A numerate student is one who can

1. Perform calculations without a calculator by using mental and written methods

2. Solve problems using knowledge of numbers for use within familiar and unfamiliar contexts

3. Take accurate measurements of lengths, area, volume, speed, distance and time

4. Interpret and represent data using appropriate diagrams

5. Judge and make sensible estimates before performing accurate calculations or taking accurate measurements

6. Apply their numeracy skills with ICT equipment

All departments support our students with their continuous development of numeracy skills. Improving their literacy and numeracy skills in turn help them to achieve their lesson objectives in any subject. We promote numeracy and provide aids in classrooms such as numeracy mats to support our students

Form tutors may ask students to create diary entries to describe where they have used numeracy outside of their maths lessons.

We also provide access to numeracy questions that can be displayed in the mornings in all lessons.

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