Key Stage 3

The main aim of studying at Key Stage 3 at KEVI HWGA is to foster a love of reading a range of literature and developing writing skills. With this in mind, students will have the opportunity to read a range of text: contemporary novels, 19th century literature, poetry through the ages and drama. Students will meticulously advance their knowledge and understanding of: spelling, punctuation and grammar; using evidence; analysing techniques; understanding context; awareness of impact; writing coherently and understanding the importance of structure. Therefore, building strong foundations in order to be successful at GCSE level.   

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and 11), students will follow the AQA syllabus to achieve two GCSEs; one in English Language (8700) and one in English Literature (8702). Students are taught to develop the skills they need to read, understand and analyse a wide range of different texts and write clearly. The non-exam assessed Spoken Language endorsement enables students to gain essential communication skills that are worked for throughout the course and assessed by the teacher.

Key Stage 5

A Level English Literature B                      

 Qualification: A Level      

This is a 2-year course for students who enjoy reading, writing and discussing a range of challenging texts. The emphasis is on the critical and analytical understanding. A Level English Literature helps students to develop an understanding of the critical methods used to analyse and investigate texts. It combines a range of innovative modules; such as Elements of Crime Writing; Aspects of Tragedy; poetry, prose and drama texts from pre and post-1900, including literature from the 21st Century. The skills acquired can be transferred to many further qualifications at university level.

Awarding Body:  AQA (7717)

 The specification will give the students a rounded exposure to different aspects of literary and dramatic genres.


Paper1 – Literary genres (Aspects of tragedy)        

Paper2 – Texts and Genres (Elements of Crime Writing)

NEA Component (Course work) – Two essays of 1250- 1500 words each

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