Curriculum Content:

Students will study two units in year 1 and two units in year 2:

Year 1

Unit 1: Law Making and the Legal System

Unit 2: Concepts of Liability.

Year 2

Unit 3: Offences against the Person

Unit 4: Law of Tort and Concepts of Law.


Unit 1 Law Making and the Legal System

Law Making – Parliamentary law making.

Delegated Legislation.

Statutory Interpretation.

Judicial Precedent.

The Legal System – Civil Courts and other forms of dispute solving.

Legal profession and sources of advice.

Criminal Courts and Lay


The judiciary.

Unit 2 Concepts of Liability

Introduction to Criminal Liability – underlying principles – actus reus and mens rea, non-fatal offences.

The courts procedures and sentencing.

Introduction to Tort – liability in negligence.

The courts procedure and damages.


Unit 3 Criminal Law

Fatal and Non–fatal Offences against the person.

Murder and Manslaughter.

Non-fatal offences.

Defences and evaluation of offences and defences.

Unit 4 Tort and the Concepts of Law

Complex negligence – psychiatric injury and economic loss.

Occupiers’ liability.

Nuisance and escape of dangerous things.

Vicarious liability


Remedies – damages and injunction.

Entry Requirements:

GCSE English Language at Grade C or above and an average point score of 6 or greater is required for entry onto this course.

Delivery & Assessment methods:

The course will be delivered by a number of methods including presentations by the teacher, teacher led discussion, student research and group work. Comprehensive handouts and exercises are provided throughout.

Each unit is assessed by an external examination.

AS examinations are two exams, 1.5 hours in length and students are required to answer a number of questions.

A2 examinations are two exams,1.5 and 2.0 hours in length and students are required to answer a number of questions. Examinations take place in January and June. Students must pass at AS Level to progress onto A2.

Method of Assessment: 100% Examination.

Exam Board: AQA


Students can finish the course after one year and achieve an AS level in the qualification or complete two years for a full A Level. The qualification is normally studied alongside other A Levels and successful completion will help gain entry to higher education or employment.