KS3: Year 7 Topics

My World & Map Skills



China & Nigeria

KS3: Year 8 Topics:

Population & Migration

Plate Tectonics


Rivers & Coasts

KS4: GCSE: OCR B (Geography for Enquiring Minds)

Paper 1 - Our Natural World

Global Hazards

Distinctive Landscapes

Changing Climate

Sustaining Ecosystems

Paper 2 - People & Society

The UK in the 21st Century

Resource Reliance

Dynamic Development

Urban Futures

Paper 3 -  Geographical Exploration

Decision Making Exercise on Topical Issues


Students work is assessed informally each lesson. Students are assessed formally at the end of each unit, ranging from role plays to written examinations; this data is an important part of helping the students to succeed.  All students are aware of their current grades and will be informed of the necessary steps needed to make progress through assessment feedback lessons.


Homework is set each week and the students are expected to spend at least 20 minutes at home completing their homework.  The nature of homework tasks vary each week depending upon the topic being studied and the activities planned within the school curriculum.