Useful Links

Useful Links

Parents should also encourage their daughter to watch key business and economics programmes and documentaries.  This is vital for her to deepen her understanding of the concepts studied in the lessons, and to be able to apply the key theories explored to real businesses.  Examiners expect to see students to show their wider knowledge of the world of business in a variety of contexts.

Essential Viewing

BBC1            Panorama

BBC1             Watchdog

BBC1             The Apprentice

BBC1             Inside Out

BBC2             Dragons’ Den

BBC2             The Fixer

BBC2             News Night

BBC               24 Hours News

Channel 4       Dispatches

Channel 4       The Hotel Inspector

Channel 5       Undercover Boss

Channel 5       7pm News

Any other business documentary is also useful as it provides an insight into the world of business and related activities/operations.  It is always handy to have a pen and note pad available to jot down the main issues being discussed in any programme.  These can be used to add value to any class discussion on related topics.

Useful Websites