• Science




To provide stimulating and exciting science lessons to enable all students to make the best possible progress. This is achieved by our highly motivated and enthusiastic staff that challenge and engage all students   through investigative, practical and modelling tasks.



Mrs K Hurst – Head of Science faculty

Mrs S James – Assistant Head of Science

Mrs F Dhani - Head of Biology

Dr M Morris - Head of Chemistry

Mrs S Gupta – Head of Physics

Mrs M Khutan - Teaching and Learning

Miss A Mustapha - Teacher of Chemistry

Miss A Crowe - Teacher of Science

Mr D Johnson - Teacher of Science

Mr J Chohan - Teacher of Physics

Mr B Davies Senior Science Technician

Mr J Gameson – Science Technician



How Parents Can Help

Science is all around us and is part of everyday life. Just think of how different our lives would be if we did not have science. To ensure your daughter makes her expected progress make sure she completes her weekly homework, providing a quiet area to study and access to HWGA VLE and linking your daughters’ science learning to everyday life.