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Physical Education

We are a lively PE department, with teachers who are passionate about promoting a healthy active lifestyle in a supportive environment. We are multi-cultural and diverse in our approach to teaching which allows us to offer personalised, individual and inclusive support to our students. Our aim is to give students the opportunity to learn in a fun, exciting, varied and enriching environment. Through our fluid curriculum students are able to create, express and explore a range of themes and sports in order to achieve their full potential.

As educationalists our aim is to encourage, motivate, challenge and inspire our students to overcome their self-doubt through developing self-esteem and confidence in an environment that encourages success at all levels. All members of the PE department are valued and have an equal role to play in developing the department. Some examples of this include; sharing good practice, departmental INSETs, good communication, co-operation and appreciation which provide a productive environment where all can thrive.

There is a varied Extra-curricular programme that runs throughout the year both at lunch time and after school. In addition to this there are opportunities for students to experience sessions run by external coaches covering a number of sports. Extra-curricular opportunities are open to all students. These help students to boost their grades, have fun, socialise and gain more confidence. Within the Academy we positively encourage all students to take part and experience competitive events, we believe that through such experience our girls will build resilience and positively respond to challenges which they may face beyond the educational environment.


Mr D. Gilday - Head of Faculty

Mrs P. Shoker - Head of PE

Mrs M. Morgan - PE Teacher, Head of Year 10 and Director of Wider Learning

Mr T. Holder - PE Teacher, Assistant Headteacher and Director of SEND/EAL


The PE Department consists of a Gym, the Main Hall, the Back Field and the Front Field. There are 2 newly refurbished changing rooms along the PE corridor. For theory lessons, classrooms around school with projectors/ internet access are used. BTEC theory lessons are timetabled in a computer room. There is a PE office along the corridor next to the changing rooms.