• Law1


A Level Law


Law is vital to our society. Is justice always done? How do I claim compensation for injury? What do barristers and solicitors do? What is the legal meaning of offences such as murder? Do judges sentence too leniently? Interested in the answers? Then law is the course for you.

Law is a dynamic subject and studying it allows you to gain a valuable qualification alongside impressive analytical skills. You will gain a detailed knowledge of criminal law including Homicide and non-fatal offences, as well as a detailed analysis of tort including negligence and nuisance. You will learn to apply these aspects of law to answering scenario type problems. You will debate the major legal issues of the day and consider broader conceptual ideas such as the relationship between law and morality and how far law achieves justice. You should have the opportunity to visit courts and enjoy work related experience at a law firm.


Teacher of Law: Miss Solanki