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Child Development/Child Care

The aims of the Department are to inspire and enthuse potential students to consider a career in early years. It will give students the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of developing children’s skills. It will support progression to higher education and gives students the potential opportunity, to enter employment.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of the development of children and how this influences the progress of children as they grow. Using this information you will develop skills in supporting the development of children through the use of activities and observation. In class you will be carrying out practical demonstrations and practical exercises to prepare you for your work placements with a range of age groups and settings. You will also be assessed using a variety of techniques such as; external exam, coursework and demonstrations.


Our expert teachers, who’ll expect you to be self-motivated and keen to achieve, will teach you subjects including:

  • Child development
  • The principles of early years practice
  • Promoting positive behavior
  • Health and safety in early years
  • Research within early years
  • Reflecting on own practice

There will be a variety of written assignments followed by externally marked assessments.


Miss S Jafar        Head of Child Development and Child Care

Mrs J. Jandu        Assistant Headteacher

Mr P. Beadle        Head of Social Sciences

Miss S. Solanki    Teacher of Social Sciences

   Mrs S Khan         Teacher of Child Care & Child Development

How Parents Can Help

Encourage your daughter to read independently or you may want to read with her and have regular discussions with her about the texts she is reading. You could get your daughter to think and reflect on what she has learnt and get her to communicate her ideas.

You could ask your daughter to check her homework carefully for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar before she hands it in. Encourage her to read through her sentences to ensure that they are clear and accurate.

You should encourage your daughter to use various sources to complete homework and coursework such as reading books, newspapers, searching the internet and watching the news. They will be developing analytical skills and will be able to summarise information.