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Child Development/Child Care

The aim of the Department is to inspire and enthuse students to consider/progress to a career working with children in their early years (0-8 Years)

Our students can now work towards gaining a Child Development qualification at the end of both Key Stage 4, and Key Stage 5.

In Key Stage 4, students work at Level 2 which is GCSE equivalent.  They start this in Year 9, and will achieve the following qualification at the end of Year 11:

Pearson BTEC Level 1/2 First Award in Children’s Play, Learning and Development

In Key Stage 5, some students may continue to work at Level 2 to support their future progression.  This would be a one year course with students achieving the following qualification at the end of Year 12:

NCFE CACHE Level 2 Award in Child Development and Care

Most students in Key Stage 5 will work at Level 3, which is A Level equivalent and supports both progression into the work place, as well as progression to higher education at universities.  This is a 2 year course with students achieving the following qualification at the end of the 2 years:

CACHE Level 3 Technical Diploma in Childcare and Education (Early Years Educator)

All of the above courses will support our students in gaining an in-depth understanding of the growth and development of children, including expected development of children, factors that may influence this, and how development is interlinked. The role of the adult in supporting the development of children is also explored in depth, and in different ways, depending on the qualification.

All qualifications are assessed by an external exam, and students will also have to produce some independent coursework.

In Key Stage 5, students will undertake work experience in childcare settings, and will be assessed through observation in the workplace, and through completion of a portfolio which shows how they have demonstrated their competency.


Mrs S Steele            Head of Child Development and Child Care

                              Teacher of Year 12/13 Level 3 Childcare & Education (CACHE)

                              Visiting Teacher/Assessor of students on Level 3 CACHE work experience placements

Mrs S Khan              Teacher of Year 12/13 Level 3 Childcare & Education

                              Teacher of Year 11 Children’s Play, Learning & Development (BTEC)

Ms M Robin              Teacher of Year 9 & 10 Children’s Play, Learning & Development (BTEC)

                              Teacher of Year 12 Level 2 Child Development and Care CACHE)

How Parents Can Help

Help your daughter to recall/remember information from lessons needed for her exam.

Discuss your experiences of child development with them – talk about children in the family and milestones of development they achieved, eg, crawling, walking, etc. Encourage your daughter to make links between expected development and development achieved by children in the family.

Discuss your experiences of raising children with your daughter – talk about activities and experiences that your children have been involved in, and how these supported their development; Discuss any big events or transitions (changes) that happened to your children, and how this affected them

Check your daughter’s planner for childcare homework, and Firefly for deadlines set.  Play a role in motivating your daughter to complete any home study or assignments the best of her ability.

Encourage your daughter to proof read their home study and assignments for spelling and grammatical errors.

You can find a range of resources to support your child’s learning at home on Firefly.  Follow the link below:

Firefly: Subject; Social Sciences; Childcare;

Then click on the Year group which your daughter is currently in to find resources for each unit she is studying.

Contact: ssteele@hwga.org.uk