Year 6 Induction Day July 2018

Inducting our new year seven students this year was again, two days of happiness, success and new-found stability. Many students in year six fear the transition from primary school to secondary and no one would blame them as change is not easy for many of us. However, T for Transition has enabled students to feel positive and to look forward to their new school, new friendships and a new chapter to their lives.

This year’s theme was ‘Wonder and Imagination’ and staff were briefed to prepare lessons in their subjects which would entice and encourage students into the wonder of their subjects. The two days were a great opportunity to promote all the fantastic elements of the subjects on offer at King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy and the students certainly got ‘stuck in’ and made sure that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Students sampled the following subjects of: Problem Solving, Scientific Discovery, Language for Learning, Past Present and Future, Creative Cuisine, Dramatic Arts, Squad Goals and Musicality. The range of activities were amazing and staff and students found the two days very rewarding, because all of the students got involved and participated in the variety of tasks and at the same time made lots of new friends. Our Transition Buddies did a sterling job over the two days to make students feel happy, safe and welcome and ensure that they all got as involved as they could in what their new academy has to offer them.

As well as learning about the new secondary subjects that will be on offer to year seven from September, students were treated to a concert and an extract of the school production which this year was, ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl.  Our students are very talented and the year six students found this very encouraging as many of them hope to ‘tread the boards’. The year group experienced the canteen and what it was like to spend break times on the school grounds and what is on offer for our enrichment curriculum. Students were also given the T for Transition summer project and access to FireFly over the summer to keep their brains active and buzzing, ready for September 2018.

Overall the two days were very much enjoyed by our new year seven students and we all hope that they enjoy life at KEVI HWGA and see everything as an opportunity. We wish them all happiness and success and we thank all the staff and Transition Buddies for their superb efforts for our new year seven students.

Mrs S Williams, Head of key stage three, July 2018