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Citizens UK, founded in 1996, are recognised by organising communities to act together for power, social justice and for the common good. Starting out in London, they have become nationwide with branches located in Birmingham, Leeds, London, Greater Manchester, Wales and Milton Keynes. They listen to the issues voiced by citizens nationwide and advocate a solution that will benefit all in spirit of a unified, influential United Kingdom driven by the publics’ voice. They are a civil society organisation that includes members such as Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy, representing each and every person. There are over 300 civil society institutions in membership, all committed to working together for the collective good and building a more influential, a more empowered United Kingdom.

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Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy is a proud member of Citizens UK B’ham as we are always given the opportunity to voice our concerns, critic, support and admiration whenever desired. We are one of the multiple voices of Birmingham, making sure we make a difference and impact for the better and for future generations to come. Mr D Gilday BA-Head of Performing Arts Faculty, is an esteemed member in and outside of school as he is very passionate to make the future as easy and united as possible for all. He is always rearing and ready to go when it comes to creating workshops in support of Citizens UK and always has willing students, including myself, to partake in the unforgettable experience! His enthusiasm and urge for a restored future makes it impossible not to help!

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On Wednesday 8th November 2017, Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy attained School of The Year award by the immense effort and work put in by the students to create a brighter, more influential future. We now proudly display that in the Academy as a reminder for all those that pass by that they can be the difference that we may need as a society, as a government and as a country! We did a performance that included various speeches based around CV’s and how we should not prejudge someone simply because of their name of a CV! This was witnessed by a massive audience and many influential people like the chairman of Newman University. For more information, please speak to Mr Gilday or email him at and he will be happy to help.

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At the event, they spoke about all the work they have done prior and how they have partnered up with the Living Wage Foundation and have raised the Real Living Wage which allows an increase in the minimum wage that your employers will give you as the have come to a conclusion through research that people in fact need more than they were offered before to live a sustainable, decent life. It wasn’t till 2010 where they introduced the Real UK Living Wage which has increased and this can continue to increase throughout the years. They are currently tackling the issue of no paid work experience and are developing a solution for paid work experience.

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