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Highbury Theatre Centre

On Thursday 1st February 2018 the HWGA Stage Crew were taken on a trip to Highbury Theatre Centre. Here we were able to expand our knowledge of the backstage world of theatre with the help of volunteers who worked there.

After a quick introduction we were shown a film about the history of the theatre. Starting from before the Second World War, the original founders worked through the conflicts, eventually finishing the building, even though they didn’t have much money. It was opened in May 1942 and has been used for a variety of activities since.

We were then taken on a tour of the building, which has since been rebuilt. We saw hundred of props, lights and costumes. We were taken to the workshop and both under and over the stage. We were shown the actor’s dressing rooms and Green Room where they wait before going on stage. We were provided with an insight on how the theatre has changed since it was first built.

Highbury 1

The Green Room

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The Property Store

After a lunch break we were asked to showcase our new skills by creating and lighting our own set in the theatre’s studio. If we were brave enough we climbed a stepladder to attach and position lights. After we had done this some of us dressed up in imaginative costumes and posed as actors on set.

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We were successful in lighting our set and were pleased with the result.

Finally we got to try being the actors on the main stage as well as controlling the lighting, sound and cues for the start of the current play being performed to audiences at the theatre.

This experience has taught us a lot of things that we didn’t already know, and these skills will definitely help us in the future.

Our thanks go to the all the Highbury Theatre volunteers who made the day very special and enjoyable.

By Anh Hoang & Aisha Tanveer

Highbury Theatre Centre is located in Sheffield Road, Sutton Coldfield, B73 5HD. It has a thriving membership and produces around eight main stage productions each year. It also hosts a film club showcasing a cult or classic film every month. New members are always welcome. Further details of the theatre can be found HERE