Year 6 Induction Day July 2017

Tomorrow’s World – Year 6 to 7 Transition July 2017


‘What a wonderful world’ it is indeed, and year 6 certainly experienced how the world is a rapidly changing place through the onset and advances of science and technology. This year’s induction focused itself on ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and how the future is very important, to year six and their generation.

More specifically, bio-engineering became the focus for the two days and all students engaged in a two-hour STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) workshop where they had to design a ‘bionic hand’ for amputees.  Year 6 were very engaged and keen to learn about a subject that they had not learnt at primary school and enjoyed the vibrant and fun atmosphere that Mr Rowberry and Mr Johnson and the STEM team created for them. Staff from the maths department enhanced the work of the STEM workshops through their solving problems and linking mean, median and mode to the study of manufacturing bio-engineering to improve the quality of amputees.

Over in history, students experienced the past, present and future by looking at how conflict over the years has affected those involved and the increased demand for prosthetic limbs. Students also learned about how the shape and functionality of prosthetic limbs has evolved over the years. Like with the past, present and the future, the ‘Tomorrow’s World’ technology of the design and evolution of bionic engineering was at the centre of ‘Computing for Tomorrow’s World’ where students were tasked with designing an app for improving the ergonomics (ease of use) of prosthetic limbs. Students were excited that they will be studying computer science in year 7 and enjoyed looking at computer programming.

Meanwhile in “Dramatic Discovery”, Mr Gilday and Mrs Tombs set the scene for exploring the theme of war and its impact on the soldier and the civilian and asked the question “is war relevant to tomorrow’s world?”  It was lovely to see how confident year 6 were and how they enjoyed playing games, getting to know each other and dramatising their ideas and thoughts and feelings.  Through explorations in language, students were continuing to investigate thoughts and feelings via science and technology concepts and their impact on human health and welfare.   Students were very mature in their discussions and the work that they produced. It was also very refreshing to see students learning to name body parts in French, (a topic that they will study in year seven). They have made an excellent start to their studies in modern foreign languages for year 7, so ‘bien fait’ to them all!

Over the two days, students in year 6 showed amazing strength and courage in meeting new people, making new friends and not being afraid to learn new skills and subjects. They were a great audience for the performing arts concert and brilliant team players in the sporting event with Mrs Shoker and the physical education department. Resilience and enthusiasm were in abundance in year 6 and this amazing start to their academic careers at Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy will help them transition and settle well for year 7.