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The Feast

The Feast

On Saturday 19th November 10 students from HWGA had a fantastic outing with a charity called ‘The Feast’. This organisation helped us to make new friends and learn about new cultures in a fun and safe environment. The Feast took place at Broadway School in Perry Barr and many students and their teachers came from different schools join us. These included King Solomon, Eden Boys’ School and, of course, our school too! We were put into different groups of all different beliefs and backgrounds and then the fun really began…

Firstly we came up with awesome names for our teams and then we played quizzes and solved many different riddles. All of our groups were competitive and we all wanted to win! We then played other games that required a lot of team work like lowering a thin stick down to the floor only using one of our fingers and we had to get a hoop to circulate around a circle without letting go. These were probably the most difficult challenges to do, but we never gave up and carried on working as a team and helping each other. We really relied on each other.

After these challenges it was lunch time and we all had pizzas that were scrumptious and tasty and other snacks like biscuits and crisps, and of course a sip of water too!

Over lunch we all started to discuss our faiths, backgrounds  and religions and realised how different we all are. We were encouraged to be honest and speak positively and to respect other people’s beliefs.

In the afternoon we played sports games like football and hockey and we also played games outside. One of the tricky games we played outside was to hold a balloon between our legs and passing it on to other people. This was a fun game even though it was very difficult to do! At the end of a very long and exciting day everyone got their medals and we all took photos in our groups and schools. We were all very happy to have achieved a medal and we enjoyed every moment of a great experience…

Thank you to Miss Blake for giving up her Saturday to come with us and to Mr. Gilday for organising the whole experience. We would also like to thank Miss. Fletcher for all her support too.

The main thing we learnt was that no matter what your background or beliefs are, we are all a part of the same race… the human race.

Written by Yasmin Mohammad and Shantell Poku

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