• Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

The ‘Beauty’ of Sleeping Beauty

On Thursday 10th November fourteen students gathered excitedly at the gates of HWGA to board the mini bus, eagerly awaiting to observe Emily Ewins and Rachel Ewins perform at the Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham city centre. We all were extremely impressed at the performance as it was amazing. The colours, the choreography, the staging, the smoke machines, the special effects…everything! We had various flavours of ice creams and had a vast amount of fun. Most importantly it was fantastic to be able to support and cheer-on our very talented friends from school.

We all arrived at the theatre and sat inside the auditorium yearning to watch. The play was wonderful. It was very humorous and all the characters performed whole hearted and enthusiastically. It was extremely entertaining. Emily and Rachel performed outstandingly and their singing was beautiful. The interval was helpful as we bought some more ice cream (Sssshhhh! Don’t tell Mr. Gilday!)

After the performance we greeted certain members of the play and it was delightful. Everyone was extremely kind and welcoming. The lead role (Sleeping Beauty) gave us some advice and we also met Emily and Rachel after the show as well. We congratulated them on their successful production and took some pictures. The experience was spectacular and everyone who performed accomplished in giving us some magnificent entertainment.

Thank you to Mr Gilday for organising it, Miss Blake for accompanying us and Mr Wilkes for transporting us safely in the mini bus.

By Uzma Mahmood

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