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An Audience With Kelly Massey

An Audience with Rio Olympic Bronze Medallist Kelly Massey

West Midlands born Kelly Massey part of team GB Olympic 4x400m relay squad visited the academy on Friday 11th of November to speak to our learners about her athletic experiences. During the talk Kelly explained the importance of resilience, never giving up on a goal as it can be achieved one step at a time. The learners really responded to Kelly’s messages and were inspired by the way in which athletics can lead you into many differing career paths and enable you to travel the world and meet new people. Our learners positively recognised the importance of having a clear plan (timetable) and being organised in order to maximise their time, skills which are very important when study for their examinations. Seeing a bronze medal up close was a motivational experience for our learners, we hope that it has inspired them to go on to achieve great things.

Kelly also delivered a Master class in relay to the academy’s athletic squad and year 10 BTEC cohort; our learners attentively listen and engaged with the session with the ambition to improve their relay times as we embark on our next athletic competition at Sandwells Indoor Athletic League.

Below are some learner’s review of the talk:

I think that Kelly inspired me, because she taught me that we always should go for our dreams, even if you think you are not good at it. She also taught me that you should listen to your teachers, because they could be a great help to your future.

Listening to Kelly Massey has inspired me to take part in extra-curricular activities. From her experiences I have learnt that to become something in life you have to make some sacrifices.

Listening to Kelly Massey has inspired me incredibly as she has convinced me that you will need to make sacrifices to achieve your dream. This certain aspect has shown me that if I were to be a doctor I would not give up and shall try my best even if I have to make sacrifices to achieve my dream. She has also inspired me to be nice to teachers as they will help you with your career and make your future brighter. 

Kelly has inspired me to expand my horizons and to not limit my mind because, even if I don’t like it now, I may be really good at it in the future.

Today when the Olympic bronze medallist Kelly Massey visited our academy I learnt not to give up on my dreams and not lose hope as she did not when sports were not right for her. Her presentation was very inspiring as she showed us her achievements over time and the many opportunities that were presented to her due to her talent.