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Year 7 Visit to Birmingham Rep

On Tuesday 11th October 2016, 10 Year 7 Students went to see a performance of “The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips” at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. They also got to meet the cast of the play after the performance, perform a short rehearsed piece of drama on the stage, and were also treated to a backstage tour. Three of the Students have written about their experience. Here are their stories:-

Birmingham Rep Theatre is located in Birmingham. The Rep stands for Repertory. It was founded in 1931. Their performances have special music and mind-blowing effects, as well as spectacular actors. All the actors work really hard.

It contains fun and thrilling stuff. All the actors are confident of what they are performing. In the theatre there are three auditoriums. They have a big wardrobe room for the actors. (I could have played dressing up there for days!). They make their own sets at the theatre and for that they have a huge room. They have a special room for make-up and wigs. They make their own wigs as well as buying them. They also use real hair for some of them, they are very costly. The theatre laso has living accommodation for the actors, so when they come to perform they have a flat to stay in.

The theatre has a café and is next to the library. Sometimes famous authors come in and tell people about their book in one of the auditoriums. The theatre also has a green room for the actors to have a break after a long performance.

Every time someone walks into the theatre there is something new and exciting. It is full of happiness.

By Fatima Chaudhry (7H)

On Tuesday 11th October 10 girls aged 11-12 had the opportunity to go to the Rep theatre and watch The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips. It is a beautiful story based on World War 2 and set out in a brilliant awe-inspiring script. Apart from this fantastic play the girls also had a sneak peek backstage viewing. They toured the clothing room, make-up studio, workshop, painting room and had a chat with the cast. It was an action-packed day. Me and the other girls loved it.

By Huda Ali (7E)

It was great!, just great! I and 9 other Year 7 Students (along with Mr Gilday) went to the Rep Theatre in town. We went to perform, but we were lucky enough to watch a rather inspirational performance from a world-wide famous Theatre Group called “Knee High”. We watched a play based on “Adolphus Tips” by Michael Morphurgo. Surprisingly there were about 14 other schools too, including Mayfield - a Special Needs School who we met and were lovely. We watched the play and then performed ourselves. It felt so awesome!

Then we git a VIP tour and saw places like the workshop. But of course a big “Thankyou” to Mr Gilday and Mel (our tour guide)

By Myra Sidiqa (7S)

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