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Christmas Food Bank Collection

Collecting food for the homeless.

By Sabiya Suleman, Umme Amara. Anika Mahmood, Halima Khalid, Rahdia Hanif and Ayana Hussain.

My friends and I decided to collect food for the homeless as we believe that homelessness is a very big topic in society today. There are many people who are in this situation struggling to make ends meet and need help in feeding themselves and their families.

With an objective as big as ours we needed a good plan, so we all decided to create a presentation that contained all information on the topic. We presented this information at school assemblies and told each year group what they needed to do and what food they should bring.

Within a few weeks we had collected 20 boxes of all sorts of food such as pasta, tea bags, tinned fruit and tinned fish.  We took the donations to West Bromwich Community Church where we met Keith who was in charge of the food bank. He told us that over 90 people came each week and they rely on the donations given by their supporters, and as it was quite close to Christmas there were many people relying on the services of the church food bank.

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