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Young People's Parliament

The Young People's Parliament gives young people in Birmingham, the West Midlands and the rest of the UK every opportunity to have a voice on matters that concern them

HWGA Students join with delegates from other local primary and secondary schools to debate various topics of concern  to the pupils, schools and the wider community

Why they went to London

As part of the YPP delegates visit places of interest to the government and politics, so this year we visited: London, Westminster. Last year we visited The Welsh National Assembly

Where they went

  1. Buckingham Palace,
  2. St James Park
  3. House Guards Parade
  4. The House of Parliament  - 
  5. Other sites such as, London Eye

What they did there

Buckingham Palace, viewed from outside, took photos

St James Park – Walked through and admired the beautiful lake and birds that live in the park,   we had a picnic lunch,

Cenotaph -  to see the monument that the Queen and politicans visit to remember those lost in previous wars

House Guards Parade  -  saw the changing of the guard, and a guard on house back,

The House of Parliament  -  we had a guided tour of the building, the explaining the history of the building and past Kings and Queens,  the purpose of the House of Commons and the House of Lords

You can view the YPP photo gallery HERE

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