Comic Relief 2015

Comic Relief 13th March 2015

Once again the pupils of HWGA showed their caring and compassionate sides by buying 300 red noses which contributed £300 to comic relief

Other activities that took place were:-

Cake Sale. Staff made  some homemade treats which raise £22

9 Guha‘s Raffle for a cute cuddly teddy raised £30

10 Holmes raised £38 from face painting

Here is what Alisha had to say

“For Comic Relief some members of 10 Holmes decided to paint faces in order to raise money. We decided on this as it was unique and no one else in the school had done this. Also one of the fundraising activities for Comic Relief was to paint your face ‘funny for money.’ So we decided on 4 designs which we would do as they were easy as well as funny. The event went brilliantly, with many pupils coming across both lunchtime and break. We painted moustaches, smiley faces and red noses. We raised lots of money and had so much fun too! “From Alisa Khatun 10 Holmes

Many of our students did a sponsored Silence and in total they raised £236.15

A grand total of £626.51 was sent to Comic relief.