Scratch Your Nose!

We all had a brilliant time at the scratch your nose computing event, held in the Faraday Science Park on Friday 13th March. We had a lot of fun meeting university students doing computer science and computer science professionals and asking them for help on our own game. We had the opportunity to work collectively as a group to make our own game and let members of the public test out the games, charging them a small amount which went towards the red nose day funds.  We had to design a game around the red nose theme first then create it using Scratch programming. Our game was similar to ping, we had a red nose which we used as the ball. We got to test out other schools games as well as get feedback on our game. Throughout the day we learnt about all the various careers that existed in the computing industry and we were also surprised to find out that - computing is currently one of the most rapidly growing job sectors in the world. From this day out we took back a deeper understanding of the world of computing and the many career opportunities there are in this sector. All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our day.

Nose 1   Nose 2

Nose 3   Nose 4   Nose 5