Big Bang Fair 2015

On Thursday 12th March 2015, 60 Year 9 students visited the Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair in NEC Birmingham which is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for young people in the UK and takes place annually in March. The event aimed to inspire our future scientists and engineers through exciting hands on activities and interactive exhibits.

Students met engineers and scientists from large multinational corporations and a range of diverse and unique UK companies. Through receiving dedicated careers advice, we know that our students came with a fresh, new perspective on where subjects like science, technology, engineering and maths can lead them. They were amazed at just how exciting engineering and science can be and were able to discover careers they hadn't previously heard of and met people with exciting careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Along with exploring the number of exciting career possibilities students took short online careers quiz to find out which of the 12 crews they want to be with and also they had an opportunity to fill up their ‘Whose Crew’ challenge card with stickers from Careers Captains.

Students also enjoyed a 1 hour #ERROR404 show on the Big Bang Stage presented by the famous TV presenter Fran Scott – ‘Yes the lady who blows stuff up on telly’.  Students enjoyed the renegade mix of live computer coding using Raspberry -Pi, audience interaction and ‘’Explosions’’.

Mrs. S. Gupta

Head of Physics

NEC birmingham   Rasberry-Pi

Here are some comments from the students –

‘The highlight of this fair was the #ERROR404 show on Big Bang Stage. I’ve learnt how a computer works.’- Yanique Bennette

‘The highlight of the fair was walking around exploring different science things and learning about various things. I learnt that Raspberry- Pi is a computer and you can programme it do various things.’ – Jagdeep Kaur

‘The fair in my opinion was brilliant; I loved the show #ERROR404. It was a good trip and I enjoyed it very much. I am also passionate about science so I really enjoyed the trip.’ – Laveeza Zia

‘It was amazing, I enjoyed the show and learnt some of the parts that make a computer.’ – Moriom Khanom

‘#ERROR404 was the best as there was lots of banging and it was interesting.’ – Khadija Younis

‘I enjoyed collecting stickers the most’ – Afshan Tabassum

‘I enjoyed everything on this fair and #ERROR404 show the most. I’ve learned how keyboards work and making towers with newspapers.’ – Saniyah Akhtar

‘The highlight of this fair was #ERROR404 show, disco balls, massive computer and explosions. I enjoyed collecting stickers, medals, bags, exploring different stands and playing with disco balls. I have also learned about testing glucose and high blood pressure.’ – Famela Jamil