BBC School Report 2015

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Giant Rat Infestation!

A concerned man from Kitts Green in Birmingham has reported seeing giant rats in his neighbour’s garden.

Looking out of his window his attention was drawn to some rubbish in the garden that also appeared to contain food waste. He was shocked by the size of the rats which he reported as being as large as young cats a good 40cms long in his estimation. The rats were spotted at around 8am when he counted approximately 26 rats in total.

There have been many accounts of giant rats across the country over the last few years and concerns have been raised about where the rats are coming from. Are they native to Britain or are they arriving from abroad? Will there be more sightings in Birmingham?

Reported by Iqra year 8

Great Opportunity for Students at BBC in the Mailbox Birmingham

Eight very excited Year 8 and 9 Students are visiting the BBC Studio’s in Birmingham’s prestigious Mailbox to take part in a variety of workshops that will help them to understand the processes of reporting the news to the nation. All of the students are members of the Academy’s Trowel and Toothbrush Club a History and Archaeology Society run by students for students and who also run our BBC News Schools Report.

Reported by Kuljeet, Umm Kulthoom and Amira year 9

Our Academy loves Science

The coming eclipse this Friday is an exciting end to an exciting week at our Academy. It is a rare solar event which we hope will be visible since the BBC weather forecast for Friday morning is partial sun. Our Science department is preparing ready for the morning and ensuring the eclipse is viewed safely by as many students as possible.

Reported by Fariah and Malaika year 8


One of the big problems of modern society is the amount of waste packaging we produce in our society that often gets dropped by people as litter. In our Academy we are cracking down on this unwanted problem. This problem has been discussed in our Student voice Academy council.  We interviewed several people. Please listen to our Podcast to find out more.

Reported by Elham, Mariyah and Areeza year 8

Animals in our Society

Whenever you read a newspaper there are many stories some good, some bad about animals. Recently in Birmingham we had Crufts the most prestigious Dog show worldwide. The show highlighted everything about dogs and even had Pudsey a famous dog who is a movie star and a Television competition winner taking part. Birmingham also has the second biggest Dog’s home in Britain where unwanted dogs, cats and other small animals end up needing new homes. A recent article told us about a lady out walking who got injured being saved by her dog who found someone else out walking and led them back to her.

Reported by Aqsa year 8