Ethos, Aims & Values Statement


Our  Vision:

To provide an outstanding education in a creative and aspirational environment for all our students

Our Aims:

1. To continue to improve teaching and learning and raise standards of attainment.

2. To develop students into disciplined and successful independent learners.

3. To develop the academy as a thriving, resilient and successful organisation that   engages effectively with the community of Handsworth and beyond.

Our Values

We value:                   

  • Our diversity and the diversity of our city of Birmingham.
    • Diversity is the essence of the richness of our school, community and city. Being part of a diverse community gives us advantages in terms of our world view and our understanding of people. It is the basis of community and social cohesion. Understanding our diverse city gives us the confidence to be well-informed global citizens.
  • Learning for life and for academic achievement.
    • Inspiring enquiry, creativity and an aspiration for excellence in every member of our community
    • Learning gives us interests and passions to last a lifetime and it allows us to be creative and joyful. It opens the door to a career and future prosperity.
  • Aspiration, high expectations and hard work.
    • These things mean we can meet our potential as learners and feel fulfilled. They help us to be self-disciplined, independent and self-confident.
  • Respect, courtesy and kindness.
    • These things give us a happy, harmonious and safe environment
  • Support to enable resilience and empowerment.
    • These things enable us to be independent and to face the challenges of the 21st century.