Children in Need Fashion Show

On Friday 28th November in the gym at HWGA a fashion show with a difference took place

This was the brain child of Miss Cydni Brooks of 9 Pendleton house.

Her idea was for students to design and make an outfit out of recyclable materials for their form teacher to model.

The results were amazing. Step aside the likes of Calvin Klein, Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Stella Macartney and feast your eyes on the fabulous creations dreamt up and made reality by our students!

The following 13 (not unlucky) form classes entered a variety of designs from the chic to the crazy, from the demour to the demented all modelled by their form teachers:

7 Ennis modelled and choreographed by Mr Sivitar

7 Macarthur modelled by Srijana Kharal

7 Pendleton modelled by Miss Blake

8 Ennis Modelled by Mrs Gupta

8 Guha modelled by Mrs Camara

8 Holmes modelled by Tamara Streete

8 Pendleton modelled by Mr Lee

9 Guha modelled by Mrs Judeh

9 Pendleton Modelled once again by Miss Blake

9 Simmonds modelled by Miss Mullings

10n Guha modelled by Miss Holness

12 Bedi modelled by Mrs Khutan and Iman Shwan

12 Syal modelled (in the loose sense of the word) by Mrs Keane

After long deliberation by our most distinguished judges, Mrs Jenny Morris and Mrs Jackie Plimmer a decision was made and the winners were 8 Holmes. However in reality all those students and staff who supported the event were winners so much so many are saying “next year we will…….” Which shows what a great success it has been but it has stirred the creative juices. So watch this space!!!!

A big thank you to Mr Wilkes for the photography and DVD production

And a massive “thank you” to Miss Cydni Brooks for a fantastic fun event.

Here are a few of the designs. You can see more by clicking HERE

IMG_1053   IMG_1050   IMG_1036