Natural High Schools Tour

On Monday 13th October 2014 David Graham brought his Natural High Roadshow and entertained Year 7 with his unique style. Mixing songs with spoken word he aims to raise awareness of the dangers that surround illegal drugs crime & anti-social behaviour in a memorable, enjoyable interactive and informative way.

Established in 1998 the Natural High Schools Programme has been tremendously successful visiting over 4000 schools seeing more than 1.5 million young people and continues to work alongside many organizations to encourage young people to get a Natural High!

The presentation is aimed at years 4,5,6,7 & 8, in Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools encompassing ages 8 – 13. David performs his trademark song, ‘Natural High’ which forms the basis of the whole presentation encouraging the use of talents to get a Natural High. The students have the opportunity to interact using their own individual skills to join in with three competitions, MIND, SPORTS & FAME all based around the lyrics in the healthy lifestyles song. Everyone has the chance to join in the performance, even teachers and guests, proving that a good time can be had without resorting to ‘fake highs’.

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