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Year 8 Visit to Lingua Centre

On the 16th of June 2014, fourteen year 8 students were selected to visit the Lingua Centre at Hillcrest School, Birmingham. The students were selected for their excellent work and outstanding progress in French this year.

At the Lingua Centre, the students got to opportunity to meet with French specialists and they took part in a range of activities, all on the topic of shopping.  The students worked very hard during the activities and they were able to vocabulary from year 7 and 8 very easily. Members of staff at Hillcrest School were impressed by how much French our students were able to understand and speak!

After taking part in the activities, they exchanged their currency for Euros and got to compete against each other on who would buy the most items. They obviously had to ask for the items in French!

The students enjoyed themselves and did the school proud. Well done!

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