Year 8 Trip to Carding Mill Valley June 2014

As part of their Geography Syllabus Year 8 study rivers, how they shape the land and change from source to mouth. To help with their understanding Year 8 went on a field trip to Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire to collect primary data and look at the changes in the river as it went downstream. Students looked at the width and depth, velocity, gradient and size and shape of the bed load. Measurements were taken at three different places along the river. Students had previously had a practical lesson in school learning how to use the equipment which included ranging poles, clinometers, tape measures, stop watches and stone boards. When the students returned to school they used their data to complete an enquiry and write a geographical report. This will eventually help them to understand how to complete their Controlled Assessment should they choose GCSE Geography at Key Stage 4.

Miss S. Hey