GCSE Geography trip to Tewkesbury

The Year 10 GCSE Geography students visited Tewkesbury to look at the effects and responses to flooding. Tewkesbury was badly flooded in July 2007 and totally cut off at one point. During the day students saw the cricket ground and pavilion. The grounds are regularly flooded and as a response the pavilion is built on brick pillars so that it does not get damaged.

We also visited Tewkesbury Abbey which is built on slightly higher ground so is not usually affected by the floods. Whilst visiting the Abbey students spoke to people who had been affected by the floods, they learnt how local residents tried to protect their homes with sandbags and moved belongings upstairs. Bottled water was provided by Sainsburys supermarket and delivered by the army. Residents were also unable to flush toilets properly! Many residents were unable to move back into their homes for over a year and had to live in caravans in their front gardens.

Students walked on the flood plain adjacent to the river, used for grazing sheep, and also saw the flood levels painted on buildings quite a distance from the river. The day concluded with students doing a land use map and talking to shopkeepers about how they and their businesses had been affected by the floods.

Hopefully by having first-hand knowledge of the area and having spoken to people who were affected, the students will be able to answer exam questions far more easily in their GCSE exams.

Miss S. Hey

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