Walsall Art Gallery

Two groups of year 9 pupils’ attended a trip to The New Walsall Art Gallery on Thursday 14th February 2014. This opportunity allowed the girls to see 2D and 3D art first hand. There was a combination of traditional and contemporary art and the student’s loved it ! They also had the chance to use modelling material to try and make a portrait sculpture like those that are displayed in the gallery. This was a great day out and a chance for students to gain a further insight to the art world and learn about their local community.


“I found the gallery fun and interesting. My favourite piece was the suitcases hanging from the ceiling (Chiharu Shiota, Accumulation- Searching for the Destination, 2014). I think this experience has helped me so I can enjoy art it in the future”. Cheyenne Caldicott, 9 Pendleton.

Art1   Art2