Robbie Boyd

Robbie Boyd, an up-and-coming singer/songwriter/musician is currently touring UK Secondary Schools with an anti-drugs message. he visited Handsworth Wood Girls' Academy on the afternoon of October 4th and performed to the whole of Year 9.

Iqra Razzaq in 9 MacArthur/9 Gandhi gives an account of the performance:

Robbie Boyd came into school to talk to give us an anti-drugs message. He wanted to give us the message that drugs are bad for you and that it is your choice whether you start taking drugs or not, and that you have to decide to stop them if you start taking them. He also said that you could die if you take drugs which shocked the students a lot. Some of the types of drugs he mentioned were magic mushrooms, heroin, cocaine and meow meow. I think that it was a good thing that he came into school to talk to us about this serious topic. It was amazing, outstanding and fun.

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