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Year 7 trip to the Big Pit, South Wales

Year 7 Geography Field Trip – Big Pit South Wales

On Tuesday 2nd July Year 7 visited the Big Pit Mining Museum in Blaenavon, S.Wales to learn about how men, women and children used to work down the coal mines. The Big Pit coal mine finished working as a mine in 1980 and then re-opened as a museum so that visitors could actually experience what it was like to be a miner and travel 300ft underground in the cages previously used by the workers.  All the guides working at the museum are retired miners and very interesting to listen to.

On the underground tour we experienced total darkness when all the helmet lights were switched off! We were told how children, both boys and girls, as young as 5 used to work on the doors as “trappers”.  We also saw the stables where the horses were kept underground for 50 weeks of the year before being allowed a 2 week holiday in the sunshine. On the surface we visited the mining galleries to see some of the machines in action and to hear the explosions when the coal face was blasted.

The final part of the museum is in the old pit-head baths where the miners had their lockers. These now contain artefacts donated over the years and lots of information about coal mining in S. Wales. Girls were given booklets to complete which meant they read lots of the information to discover the answers.

Miss S. Hey

Here are some comments from the students:

I really enjoyed the Big Pit; it was amazing but was scary when the miner told us about gases and how a 10yr old boy died. Also I liked the cage when we went underground - Maryam

I enjoyed it when we went underground; it was sad what they did to the horses. - Maniba

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I really enjoyed the Big Pit, it was a bit scary there and creepy underground - Mariam

I enjoyed the Big Pit, I learnt a lot. I really enjoyed the underground tour it was really dark, it was scary when we were going down the steps as they were a bit slippery - Hajra

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When I arrived at the Big Pit, I went underground. I had to wait in the area where we all stayed to go underground. When we were called to go down underground to the mine. I was very nervous. We went down in the lift to go underground. When we reached underground it was fun. The guide gave us a tour around the mine. When the guide finished the tour we went back up in the lift. Then after we went to the galleries where we watched a video. After we went to the museum and explored the museum. Then we went to the shops and then went home. 

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I really enjoyed the mine the most because we got to go underground it was really fun. The mine was a very great experience. We have also learnt great facts from this trip. This trip was great fun - Laveeza

I visited the big pit which is in South Wales. It was a great learning experience to find out about the mining industry and how people mined. I went to the mining museum which had diagrams, models and information all about mining. I also went underground to the mine which was 300 feet underneath the ground. The tour guide told us about how the miners survived and how they used horses to escort the coal.

My favourite part was when I went down to the mine because it was exciting and fascinating to know about the coalminers - Suad

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On Tuesday 2nd of July, the whole of year 7 went to the big pit in Wales. It was a very good educational trip where we learnt a lot about miners.

The first place we visited was the coal mine underground. The mentor took us underground in a lift and the whole place was pitch black, which is why we had a helmet with a torch on it. As he took us underground, he informed us about how the mines were, back then. He also mentioned that there were horses who went underground and stayed in the mine for a whole year, but only got to go out for 2 weeks in that whole year.

After lunch, we went to the museum to answer our questions in the booklet. We saw many things in the museum such as: lockers, a shower room, a miner’s house, people’s belongings and much more.

Once we finished looking at the ancient things in the museum, we went to a room where we watched a small video of how the miners had to work. As soon as we watched the video, we left that room and went to another room, where we saw a coal mine wall and a tool that broke down the wall. As well as that, we saw the widow maker (the tool used to dig the coal).

After that, we went back to the coach to go to the school. The 2 hours journey took really long!!!

So basically this was our day out and we did enjoy it! - Maryam & Huda